And You Thought It Was Safe(?)

2012 (2009)
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When I pretended that this movie was supposed to be a comedy I almost enjoyed it. Unfortunately it kept trying to be moving and sincere and that just ruined all the fun I was having. Cheer while the useless rich and their servants survive the end of the world! Uggh.

The story only becomes fun again when I imagine the inevitable re-enactment of Lord of the Flies. With cannibalism.

Comment by David Lee Ingersoll

At least that would’ve provided some justification for the presence of Cusacks’ stupid kids. They do less than nothing in this movie, existing only to tick another box on the checklist of Things Movies Must Have To Be Successful These Days.

Your experience parallels my own to an astonishing degree…which is exactly what I hoped would be the case. As a director, Emmerich may continually fail to make good movies, but in spite of himself (and his producer/writers) he’s made some of the best Rifftrax fodder of the last decade.

Comment by David DeMoss

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