And You Thought It Was Safe(?)

Superman (1978)
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I must have watched this movie dozens of times as a kid. My mother taped it from a network broadcast, and I really wore that sucker out. You’re video reviews have really come along David. I really look forward to seeing them. Now if only you would take requests…

Comment by Daniel Knepp

Let me guess…more M.A.N.T.I.S.?

Comment by David DeMoss

I was thinking Lois and Clark (ew, I feel dirty just typing that).

Comment by Daniel Knepp

Ask me again after Superman III and IV are done kicking my ass.

Comment by David DeMoss

Sigh. For me, all the good parts of this movie get blocked out by Hackman’s Luthor and that stupid turn back time ending. Reeves is brilliant, Kidder is wonderful but, as a kid, I walked out of the theater feeling pissed off.

If a hero is defined by his villains, this movie’s Luthor defines Superman as a chump. That this Luthor causes Superman to break a sweat is just sad.

And if Superman can go back in time to fix things why the hell doesn’t he go all the way back and stop Luthor from stealing the missiles in the first place? Oh, right. ‘Cause he’s a chump.

Every time I see this movie topping a list of the best superhero films, I think I should watch it again. And then I remember Luthor and that stupid ending and I go all hater again. And I’m not even a Superman fan.

Sigh again.

Comment by David Lee Ingersoll

Yes. Exactly. That sigh, right there? That’s something Super-fans and non-Super-fans have in common. More to the point, this movie was DC’s best chance to make new Superman fans in twenty years…and if you think the rest of the franchise sucks, it still is the best they have today, over thirty years later. It…kinda succeeded…maybe…a little bit. But if they’re not treating him with outright contempt, the prevailing culture now treats Kent as the vanilla of superheroes – stalwart…same-y…dull…bland. The exact opposite of the high concept, sci-fi/disaster schtick that keeps his books afloat. But that’s what happens when you don’t read your source material. And when you scalp writers from the Bond franchise.

Comment by David DeMoss

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